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In this highly-competitive professional environment, it is imperative to have professional headshots that make you confident and approachable. Remember that your clients look for professionals who are trustworthy and have a compelling personality. Your headshot will tell them who you are. >>



For companies, we offer headshots in-studio or on location, also corporate events and conventions photography. We understand your time is limited and need to get the headshots done fast without sacrificing quality. Our mission is to create the best possible profile photo for all the personnel of the company. Get in touch with us>>



Environmental portraits or Storytelling can be applied to various kinds of creative disciplines, and photography can be a great way to narrate the story of a memory, trade, business, object, place or individual. We are on a quest for impactful portraits every day and our professional portrait storytellers are doing a fantastic job. We are specialized in producing dramatic stories by creatively blending images, videos, verses, and natural sounds. Boca Raton Portrait Photographer.>>


Imagine Media House

I’m Enrique, Photographer and owner of Imagine Media House, We are on a mission to help businesses and professionals tell their stories which resonates with their customers through headshots and storytelling imagery. We’d love the opportunity to help you tell your story.

We work with businesses and professionals to create profile photos and visual content for their websites, social media, or advertising materials.

Our work is fresh and modern. We are inspired by nature, light and human connections.

Imagine Media House is a visual production company based in Boca Raton, FL that relies on a great team of professionals led by Enrique Urdaneta, each one of them specialized in different niches of photography and video, including headshots, portraits, product photography, video production, and drone.

We are truly honored to have an amazing team of professional photographers and video producers that are on the top of the game, and aim to ensure a great outcome for our customers.

How We Do it!

We know how busy you are. Our goal is always three things:

– To save you time, so that you can spend more time working on what’s important.

– To help you look confident, trustworthy and approachable.

– Be as efficient as possible and make it an easy process.

Depending on how you plan to use your imagery, you will need to select a look that appeals to your audience. For instance, your company directory may require a more professional look than your LinkedIn profile, which allows for a more relaxed feel.

Professional Headshots


In the current era, we all have a unique digital identity. It’s just like our business card or an official identity card. However, times have changed and so have the trends. The cards are now out, and professional headshots are in. Whether it is an entrepreneurial headshot or a LinkedIn Profile photo, a compelling photo can work wonders for your profession or personal life. It’s NOW time to change the game and let your persona speak for itself. We help you look confident and approachable.

LinkedIn Profile Photo

As the popular saying rightly states – “Your First Impression Is Your Last Impression.” To make an impactful first impression in today’s competitive world, you need a professional photo that works in your favor. Even though you adorn your LinkedIn profile with your success stories and testimonials showcasing your awesomeness, it’s critical that you lure the right attention.

In the current corporate/business scenario, a majority of the networking happens online. That is where the importance of personal branding comes into the picture. With incredible LinkedIn Photography, Imagine Media House has helped many industry-leaders, CEOs, senior executives and freelance professionals showcase a compelling professional persona they need to be successful and get noticed in their respective industries.

You can get a glimpse of our portraits on several blogs and magazines, About Us sections of numerous company’s websites, and websites of succesful realtors.

Imagine Media House.

Professional Headshots in South Florida and available to travel Worlwide


Headshots and Corporate Event Photography



Those are the main objectives we look to convey in your headshots. If you wish to become a known name in the industry, a headshot done by us will lead you to your goal.

Looking for great opportunities, but have limited stuff to show? We understand the importance of a profile photo that is eye-catching. Our team experts goes beyond the call of duty to create stunning and powerful images that become impactful marketing tools to help you achieve your professional goals.


At Imagine Media House, we have a team of professional photographers with the know how to create magic, storytelling photos during your corporate event and capture the escence of the comapny. We have the best team of professionals to conduct your headshots and document the event. Whether you want to keep it subtle or make bold statements, our experts will help you achieve your goals.




Imagine Media House

Daniela T

Owner / Seal Shoe Cover

Amazing photographer. Highly recommended.

Donna K

Brand Consultant

Enrique was hired to do the employee head shots for a law firm, with which I was working to build a new website. The quality of work he delivered was extraordinary. Enrique went above and beyond to meet our expectations and to ensure that we had the PNG graphics we needed from those headshots to utilize them extensively throughout our web site. Indeed, Enrique became vested in ensuring that we had what we needed, especially via PhotoShop, even creating and editing new graphics for us as they became necessary without once mentioning additional money. To say that we were pleased with Enrique's work would be an understatement. He is a true professional, his manner is personable and courteous, and he is a joy to work with. He follows through with what he says he is going to do, when he says he is going to do it. There's not a bad thing I could say about Enrique or his work and ethics and we will be using him again on our future projects. I recommend his services 100% and rate him A++.

Lauren L


Our law firm hired Enrique to take our official company portraits and professional photos for our updated website. When he first reached out to me on Thumbtack, his prices were so good I almost didn’t believe it. But the quality of his work speaks for itself. He truly cares about doing a good job, and we were THRILLED with the final results. When we asked for a few tweaks, he gladly met our expectations to our complete satisfaction. He is a wizard with Photoshop! Equally important, his manner is very personable and professional, and it was our sincere pleasure to work with him.

Genevieve N

Thank you Kike for a job well done, my boyfriend loves the portraits. You're such a fun loving person to work with, I enjoyed working with Kike. Very friendly and funny but highly professional. Such a great person, you're the best.

Adele T

I've been working with Kike for a long time now, I've never had any complaints with his services. He has never disappointed me, we've worked on some projects together and he's always giving his 100%. He's so magical when it comes to portrait photography, very versatile and professional. He's of quality and one of the best I've worked with. Such an amazing personality, thanks Kike for your assistance at the last shoot, you really helped the whole situation. If you work with Kike, believe me you're in safe hands. He's so magical when it comes to photography...

Bryan D.

Thank you so much for the beautiful headshot photography, it was nice working with you. You totally delivered the best, it was a nice experience working with Enrique. Such a friendly and attentive person. Very reserved and like able, I was so relaxed working with him. I wasn't pressured at all. Good job, will definitely recommend

Tope O.

It was a great pleasure working with you, I had a great experience. Enrique did a wonderful job with the glamour photography for me and my girls. Such an amazing person to work with, so friendly and nice. I can't wait to work with you again in future projects

Rachael L

Awesome experience working with this talented photographer, I was really impressed with his services. I am in love with my headshot photographs, it was beautifully captured. Enrique has got a redefined hands when it comes to photography, the photographer is friendly, reserved and very professional. Being professional is what I admire most, amazing job and I highly recommend.

Michelle T.

Model and Entrepreneur / Seal Shoe Cover

very professional and an amazing experience to work with photographer Enrique Urdaneta. I recommend him a 100%!!!!!

Michelle L.

Excelente!! Increíble el trato y profesionalismo... y por supuesto, resultados de otro nivel!

Carlos P.

Excelente trabajo!

Carissa R.


Amazing photographer with great attention to detail, always professional and on time. over all a great photographer to work with always produces stunning images!! 5 stars!

Maria Eugenia U

Photographer and Entrepreneur / Ulivi Studio

Enrique is the best!!! He takes beautiful and wonderful portraits!! I recommend him and I am sure you will have the best experience ever!!

Carlos P

Marketing and Real Estate

Excelente empresa, muy profesional la atención y el resultado! Muchas gracias Enrique Urdaneta, que sigan los éxitos.

Jose Luis G.

Enrique, como siempre mucha calidad, te deseo el mayor de los éxitos.

Juan Ignacio R.

Business Advisor and Entrepreneur / Rubiconsulting

I have known Enrique for several years now. I do not hesitate to openly recommend him as a holder of a great human quality, a keen grasp of business development and an incredible photografic strength.

Juan Carlos D S

CCO / The Blue Financial Group

I have known Enrique for more than 20 years and he has always conducted himself as a very responsible and professional entrepreneur. His passion now turned into his main business focus only serves to enhance my perception on him as the honest hardworking kind person who has evolved both professionally and spiritually... Only to see his picture portfolios is already a delight and shows how much more he has to offer than what meets the eye!

Andres G. O.

CFO and entrepreneur / Maralac Group

I know Enrique for many years and he is smart, hardworking and ethical. Most importantly, he is a real friend and an excellent business partner. Together, we founded Green Planet Advisors, LLC a firm dedicated to create and fund companies focused on energy efficiency. Enrique is also a world class photographer and I'm proud to have one of his works in my living room. Most recently, I commissioned him to take my corporate image portraits and the result was of amazing quality, just check my Linked-in profile.

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Professional Headshots and Corporate event Photographer in South Florida and available to travel Worldwide

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