Whether you have a big event coming up, you’ve booked a professional photography session or you just end up in a lot of photos, there are ways for you to look slimmer that don’t involve a new exercise regime, that is why you need to read these 9 Ways to Look Slimmer in All Your Photos.

  1. Angles are your friend. Instead of facing the camera head on, stand at a 45-degree angle with one leg toward the camera. This instantly lengthens your body.
  2. Don’t squash your arms against your body. By keeping your arms at your side, they’ll appear wider in photos. Place your hand on your hip or create a small gap between your body and your arms to give them a slimmer appearance.
  3. Avoid a double chin. Nobody wants a double chin in their photos but it can be avoided by tilting your head slightly forward and push your chin out. When pushing your chin out, the motion should feel as if you are leading with your forehead. Another tactic is to push your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
  4. Watch your posture. Standing up straight with your shoulders back will instantly make you look slimmer in your photos.
  5. Cross your ankles. If you will be seated during a photo, don’t cross your legs as this could emphasize lumps and bumps. Rather cross your legs at your ankles and lean your knees in slightly for a slimming effect.
  6. Choose your outfit carefully. If you want to appear slimmer in photos, rather opt for solid or darker colors as bold prints can make you look bigger.
  7. Watch where you sit. This is another good tip if you will be sitting in a photo. Rather stick to the edge of your seat as this will lengthen your body.
  8. Your clothing should fit you well. Ill-fitting clothing and even underwear can make a difference to your appearance in photos, so make sure that your clothing fits your body well.
  9. Camera angles matter too. If you will be taking a photo yourself, rather keep the camera at eye level or slightly elevated to create a slimmer result. (For headshots is a different story)

If you will be working with a professional photographer, rather make them aware of the fact that you’re worried about looking big in your photos so that they can provide you with additional guidance.

Enrique Urdaneta | Photographer


9 Ways to Look Slimmer in All Your Photos