Make Better First Impressions, with a Professional Headshot. Top-Quality headshots that truly capture your confidence, professionalism, and expertise. Ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dating Profile, Social media profile, corporate websites, annual reports, and more. These sessions are shot from the shoulders up, normally on a solid background, on your work environment, or outdoors. We help build a brand & make a better first impression, quickly! Studios in Boca Raton, Miami, Hallandale and available to travel worldwide!



For companies, we offer headshots in-studio or on location, also corporate events and conventions photography. We understand your time is limited and need to get the headshots done fast without sacrificing quality. Our mission is to create the best possible profile photo for all the personnel of the company. Get in touch with us>>



Environmental portraits or Storytelling can be applied to various kinds of creative disciplines, and photography can be a great way to narrate the story of a memory, trade, business, object, place or individual. Storytelling portrait sessions tell the viewer more about you. These sessions take more time and creativity is in the formula, in the studio or on location, for individuals or groups. For entrepreneurs, businesses, artists, athletes, actors, performers, influencers, hobbies, seniors, engagement, trash the dress and more!

Professional Headshots

Pricing for Individuals


In studio session
$75per selected image
  • *Plus $200 Session fee*
  • Images will be selected right after the session.
  • Session fee Includes:
  • No time limit,
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes,
  • Multiple background options,
  • In-Studio session (Miami, or Boca Raton; FL),
On location session
$75per selected image
  • *Plus $400 Session fee*
  • Images will be selected right after the session
  • Session fee Includes:
  • No time limit,
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes,
  • Multiple background options,
  • On Location, we bring the studio to you (South Florida).
  • If you are outside of South Florida contact us for a quote.

Selected images include professional retouching and:

  • High resolution file,
  • Color, and exposure correction,
  • Remove Blemishes,
  • Remove Straigh hairs,
  • Skin tone.

Portrait Session

Personal & Business Brand Storytelling Photography

Session FEE $ 300 + Hi Res Retouched image $75/image

Session fee Includes:

  • Low resolution images, unretouched (Color and exposure corrected),
  • Up to 3 hours,
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes,
  • Multiple background options,
  • Unlimited usage rights,
  • In-Studio session (Miami, Hallandale, or Boca Raton, FL),
  • On Location, we bring the studio to you (South Florida).


  • Retouching $75/Image
  • For other locations outside South Florida, contact us for travel expenses quote.

Professional retouching fee includes:

  • High resolution file,
  • Color, and exposure correction,
  • Remove Blemishes,
  • Remove Straigh hairs
  • Skin tone



Pricing For Companies and Corporate Events

For companies or groups, the price depends on the type of service required, location, quantity of people being photographed or by time needed. To get an accurate quote, please follow the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Your session

We have studios in Miami, Hallandale and Boca Raton, Florida. We can also bring the studio to you anywhere in South Florida at no extra cost. We are available to travel worldwide.

During the headshots or storytelling portraits session, we will shoot a handful of images to ensure that you have a variety to choose from.  

As we shoot, we’ll review the images together and by the end of the session, you’ll have a selection of favorites to choose from for your final images. We will also assist you in selecting the images to ensure that you choose the best for your brand. Shooting and editing the photos in this manner gives us the opportunity to refocus and readjust the shot on the spot thus ensuring you get the best out of your session. After the shoot, you would be well aware of what we have captured and we will leave with only the images that you approved, this way you know are in control of how much you are going to spend.

The selected images would then be made available already retouched to you on an online gallery protected with a password where you will be able to download them in High and low resolution. The typical turnaround time is between 3 days, and you have the option to rush it for the same day.


Our retouching process is about color grading and eliminating blemishes. Weight, Birthmarks and expressions will stay unless you ask us to reduce or remove any.


You can come along with a variety of clothing options as long as you love it and feel comfortable in it, if you don’t love it, don’t bring it.

Wear something that makes you feel confident, but that is also comfortable. Avoid busy patterns, dots and stripes. Bring plenty of options and don’t limit yourself to seasonal clothes. If you are not sure if a particular outfit would work or not, don’t bring it. We love layers and textures and would always advise that you keep jewelry at the bare minimum – perhaps, small earrings and a minimalistic necklace. Nothing too big, dangling shiny, etc… because they will draw too much attention away from the actual headshot.


Women’s makeup:

We usually recommend make up for the session for women. We can recommend our Makeup artist, we work with the best in the area.

Women’s hair:

The game plan would be discussed before the shoot as well.  We recommend having your hair professionally done somewhere you’re familiar and comfortable with. We can aslo recommend one.


We do not recommend makeup for men. We retouch all our work afterward to ensure that the blemishes would be taken care of during the process.

Your images

After you’ve selected your final images, they’ll be processed correcting the exposure, color, tone and professionally retouched and you will receive your digital files through a private online gallery, where you will be able to download them.

Scheduling and Payments

We handle shooting anytime from Monday through Friday and based on your needs, we only take two sessions a day, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, this way we are not rushed and sessions don’t overlap. We are flexible with our timing. In some cases, women having their make up and hair done before your photoshoot may take some time; so we don’t schedule other sessions with at least 3 hours of difference. We spend a little extra time with you after the shoot so we would plead that you do not have anything else scheduled immediately after the shoot.

To reserve a spot on our calendar, you would have to pay the Session Fee.

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and of course, cash. After paying the upfront fee, the balance is due on the day of the shoot depending on the quantity of images that you choose.




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We look forward to hearing from you.

The Imagine Media House Team

Please include the type of session you need (Headshots, Event, Environmental Portraits, or a mix), Desired date, How many people will be photographed, location.

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