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Business Headshots


Headshots – business headshots, corporate, entrepreneurs, ideal for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media profile, corporate websites and more. Also, for models and actors or aspiring to, looking to submit a headshot, create a portfolio or enhance their existing portfolio. These sessions are shot from the shoulders up, normally on a white, grey or black background.

You can select your option and schedule your session below.




Storytelling Portraits


Portraits – Storytelling portrait sessions tell the viewer more about you. These sessions take more time and creativity is in the formula, in the studio or on location, for individual or groups. For entrepreneurs, businesses, families, athletes, hobbies, seniors, engagement, trash the dress and more!

For Storytelling portrait session, give us a call to +1 (561) 208-1660 or contact us via email to chat about your idea. 

Business Headshots, Actors and Model Headshots Pricing Guide

Storytelling Portrait Session

For personal portraits, family photos, business headshots, entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, store owners, and photos for online dating.


Photography is a compelling medium of communication. If you are looking for outstanding Storytelling Portraits in Boca Raton, then we’re here to create powerful portraits based on your requirements.


  • Session with Enrique Urdaneta
  • Hi-resolution JPG digital files
  • 40-60 Color and exposure corrected images per hour.
  • Online gallery.
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes.
  • Studio, outdoor or on-location.
  • Fast turnaround (2-3 days).
  • Rush available.


  • ½ Hour $199 **
  • 1 Hour $360
  • 2 Hours $690
  • 3 Hours $990
  • 4 Hours $1200

** The ½ hour option is only available for weekday at my Boca Raton studio.


Call to schedule your session (561) 208-1660

Corporate Headshots

BEST FOR: For employee or executive portraits of several people from the same organization.


  • Session with Enrique Urdaneta
  • Hi-resolution JPG files
  • Photo selection and correction
  • About 1-3 exposure and color corrected photos per person
  • Up to 5 minutes per person
  • Online gallery
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes
  • Many background color options
  • Unlimited commercial and personal usage rights
  • Studio or on-site (No additional setup fee)
  • Fast turnaround (2-3 days)
  • Rush available


$300 1st person

$70 additional people

  • 1 person $300
  • 2 people $370
  • 3 people $440
  • 4 people $510
  • 5 people $580
  • 6 people $650
  • 7 people $720
  • 8 people $790
  • 9 people $860
  • 10 people $930
  • 15 people $1280
  • 20 people $1630

For more than 20 people give us a call to give you a quote.

Satisfaction guarantee.


For entrepreneurs, store owners, bloggers, influencers, regional magazines and national magazines editorial, school or college publication and political organizations.

Fees vary based on the project, usage, placement, distribution, production, retouching requirements, etc.

Please contact us with the project details and we’ll get back to you with detailed pricing information.

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Your session

Our studio headshot is shot in Boca Raton. During the session, we will shoot a handful of images to ensure that you have a variety to choose from.  

As we shoot, we’ll review the images together and by the end of the session, you’ll have a selection of favorites to choose from for your final image(s). We will also assist you in selecting the images to ensure that you choose the best for your brand. Shooting and editing the photos in this manner gives us the opportunity to refocus and readjust the shot on the spot thus ensuring you get the best out of your session. After the shoot, you would be well aware of what we have captured and we will leave with only the images that you approved.

The approved images would then be made available to you on proofing website protected with a password. The typical turnaround time is between 24-48 hours and sometimes even the same day.


Our retouching process is about color grading and eliminating blemishes. Birthmarks and expressions will stay unless you ask us to remove any.


You can come along with a variety of clothing options as long as you love it and feel comfortable in it.

Wear something that makes you feel confident, but that is also comfortable.  Try to avoid busy patterns and stripes if you can. Bring a few options and don’t limit yourself to seasonal clothes. If you are not sure if a particular outfit would work or not, bring it along. We love layers and texture and would always advise that you keep jewelry at the bare minimum – perhaps, small earrings and a necklace. Nothing too big, dangling shiny etc. because they may draw too much attention away from the actual headshot.


Women’s makeup:

We usually recommend make up for the session for women.

Women’s hair:

Some packages include the makeup and hair. The game plan would be discussed before the shoot as well. Some of our headshot sessions do not include makeup or hair.  We recommend having your hair professionally done somewhere you’re familiar and comfortable with.


We do not recommend make up for men. We retouch all our work afterward to ensure that the blemishes would be taken care of during the process.

Your Files – Share and Print Anywhere

After you’ve selected your final image(s), they’ll be retouched and you will receive high-resolution digital files and limited general licensing for the images.  This means you can use them for printing, posting online and sharing with family and friends – anytime. Exceptions such as placement on products for sale and/or books applies and may incur additional fees so let us know if you need more information about it.

Are you interested in Product Photography? See Here for more: Product Photography


We handle shooting anytime from 10 am, on Mondays through Fridays and based on your needs, we may have to tweak this to certain days. So you can say we are flexible with our timing. In some cases, women having their make up done may cause an overlap in sessions; so we carry on with our sessions, while our make up artists works with those that require makeup. We usually spend a little extra time with you after the shoot so we would plead that you do not have anything else scheduled immediately after the shoot.

To book a spot on our calendar, you would have to pay a nonrefundable fee, which is 50% of the total fee. The fee can be paid at any time, however, it must not be later than a week before the proposed shoot date.

We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and of course, cash. After paying the upfront fee, the balance is due on the day of the shoot.


Exact address will be sent with your session confirmation.

Studio in Boca Raton (Jog Rd/Clint Moore Rd) 

Phone: 561-208-1660
Email: euaphoto@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Imagine Media House Team

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