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Professional Photography To Capture The Essence of your Brand

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You only have 7 seconds.

In any situation, you have just 7 seconds to make a first impression.

And when someone encounters your photos online, their snap decision about you is often even faster than that!

A bad selfie or amateur picture will instantly and permanently sink your credibility no matter how accomplished or incredible you are.

On the other hand, a professional headshot with soft eye contact and a welcoming smile can instantly and subconsciously convey confidence, trust, and approachability.

We’ve professionally trained for years to help you with subtle facial micro-expressions and posing that make the difference between “good” photography and “wow” photography. These opportunities flicker away in a fraction of a second—it’s our priority to capture them and never let them go!

Of course, we’ll take into account the lighting, the angles, the composition, and the intended end use of the photos. That goes without saying.

But there’s much more to it than that.

In photography, we see the chance to capture human spirit and suspend it onto a two-dimensional memory. It’s our honor to help you preserve and enhance your style – whether that’s an individual’s personality or a company’s brand.

At your professional photo shoot…

Great for: LinkedIn/Facebook Profile Photos | Marketing Material | Company Website | Email Signatures

We’ll discuss exactly what type of foot we want to put forward and plan what the perfect shot looks like.

After 30-60 minutes of creating photos of all different vibes, expression, and angles, we narrow down the very best and help you select those that fit the personal brand you’re striving for. No matter how you plan to use your photos, we’ll be sure to create a look that flawlessly fits your needs and cements you as a confident, warm professional.


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At your next event…

Great for: Conferences | Trade Shows | Expos | Summits | Presentations | Product Launch | Graduations

After being in the corporate world for 20 years, I have a spider sense for great photo ops that few other corporate photographers can offer.

We’ll be at the perfect angle for speeches, meetings and presentations. And we pride ourselves on being able to weave in and out of the action without becoming the action.

The result is a candid, memorable highlight reel of your special event that’s just as vivid and human as actually being there.










In Studio or on Location?


We offer in-studio photography shots in beautiful Miami, and Boca Raton, Florida, or we can also come directly to your place of business or choice location as well. Our #1 priority and mission are to not only offer you the most professional corporate headshots that will make you or your team look amazing, but to do it in a way that’s both stress-free and comfortable for everyone.

When you choose Imagine Media House for all of your corporate headshots needs, you’ll be getting photographed by some of the very best in the business. We will not only bring out the best in you or your team through the power of micro expresions and poses that emanate approachability and confidence, and we’ll make the entire process as easy, fast and effortless as possible.


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Need a Traveling Photographer?

Best for brand consistency

We are a team of only a small percentage of photographers and videographers that’s able to travel long-distance to ensure that your multi-city event has consistent photography, branding and appearance.

The result is a collection of photos that seem dialed-in and purposeful, and a cohesive brand voice that shines consistently throughout.

Reasons to get your Headshots with us

  • You haven’t had a modern headshot taken recently,
  • You need to work on your branding,
  • Business professionals are more willing to work with people who have a powerful personal brand,
  • You need to present yourself in a professional way and a modern headshot will do just that,
  • Every professional need headshots,
  • We’re super-fast,
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee service, if you don’t like it, we reimburse you, no questions asked,
  • We are the Corporate Headshots Photographer you need, and we are very good at what we do!

How to Proceed?

1. Give us a call 561-208-1660 or contact below to request a quote,

2. Reserve your date,

3. We will send you some information to prepare for your session,

4. Enjoy your experience,

5. Choose your images right after the session or on an online gallery from the comfort of your office,

6. The retouched images will be ready in 3 days. We’ll share a link to a private gallery where you can download the digital copies of your headshots and/or corporate event photos.


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In today’s media-driven world, it is important to present yourself uniquely and professionally. With high-quality professional headshots, you can bell the cat and leave heads turning. You don’t need to write stories of your success and who you are, your professional headshot will tell the world your story.

People do not strike deals with businesses; they buy from other people to form a long-lasting trust-based relationship. They want to join hands with people they know – whose success stories they’ve heard before.

In the search-engine dominated world, your corporate headshot is your first impression. As soon as someone searches for you on search engines like Google, they come across your LinkedIn or other social media profile. If your LinkedIn headshot or professional headshot doesn’t speak well of you, you’ll lose out clients to your competitors. Imagine Media House is poised to help you communicate what your business represents using the power of business portraits. Boca Raton Headshot Photographer. 


For companies or groups, the price depends on the type of service required, location, the quantity of people being photographed or by time needed. To get an accurate quote, please fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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To find out even more information about our exclusive services, you can use the form below to contact us. If you’d like to contact us with any further questions or concerns you may have, or if would like to book time with us, you can do that below.



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