Professional Headshots for Individuals


You only have 1 second to make an impression, make it a great one, don’t rely on a selfie or a bad photo taken by an amateur.

With expert, experienced photographers, Imagine Media House tells your professional story with a single photo, headshot, or portrait. And if you’re a part of a team — we can transform those mismatched staff headshot into a cohesive, on-brand collection of professionals.

In the highly-competitive professional environment, it’s imperative that you have unique and professional headshots made by a Professional Headshot Photographer that you trust. Remember that your clients look for professionals who are trustworthy, approachable and have a compelling personality. Your headshot will tell them who you are. We are your Professional Headshots Photographer solution.

Let your Headshot speak for you!

It’s now time to step up your game and become a thought-leader in your industry. Hold your head high and march towards your goal of coming across as an expert professional. At Imagine Media House, we know how important it is to have a great professional headshots, and we’re here to deliver you the best headshots.

Confident and Approachable

Your journey is all about leveraging personal branding and taking it to the next level to make a mark in the industry. If you’re still an unknown face in the industry, your headshot will ensure that you stand out and become a renowned public face. If you want investors, partners, or employers to strike a deal with you the moment they get your first glimpse, get in touch with us for your professional headshots.




Professional Headshots are worth a 1000 words

In today’s media-driven world, it is important to present yourself uniquely and professionally. With high-quality professional headshots, you can bell the cat and leave heads turning. You don’t need to write stories of your success and who you are, your professional headshots will tell the world your story.

People do not strike deals with businesses; they buy from other people to form a long-lasting trust-based relationship. They want to join hands with people they know – whose success stories they’ve heard before.

In the search-engine dominated world, your headshot is your first impression. As soon as someone searches for you on search engines like Google, they come across your LinkedIn or other social media profile. If your LinkedIn headshot or professional headshots doesn’t speak well of you, you’ll lose out clients to your competitors. Imagine Media House is poised to help you communicate what your business represents using the power of facial micro expresions, we know how to pose you to look confident and approachable.


Reasons to get your Headshots with us

  • We will work on your facial expressions and pose to look approachable, and confident.
  • You haven’t had a modern headshot taken recently.
  • You need to work on your personal branding.
  • Business professionals are more willing to work with people who have a powerful personal brand.
  • You need to present yourself in a professional way and a modern headshot will do just that.
  • We’re super-fast,
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee service, if you don’t like it, we reimburse you, no questions asked.
  • We are the Professional Headshots Photographer you need, and
  • We’re very good at what we do!



How to Proceed?


1. Reserve your date and time in the form below,

2. We will send you some information on how to prepare for your session,

3. Enjoy your experience,

4. Right after the session, we sit down and go through your photos, you pick your favorites putting you in control of what you are going to spend. $75 per image including professional retouching,

5. The retouched images will be ready in 3 days. We’ll share a link to a private gallery where you can download the digital copies of your photos.





In studio session
$75per selected image
  • *Plus $200 Session fee*
  • Images will be selected right after the session.
  • Session fee Includes:
  • No time limit,
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes,
  • Multiple background options,
  • In-Studio session (Miami, or Boca Raton; FL),
On location session
$75per selected image
  • *Plus $400 Session fee*
  • Images will be selected right after the session
  • Session fee Includes:
  • No time limit,
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes,
  • Multiple background options,
  • On Location, we bring the studio to you (South Florida).
  • If you are outside of South Florida contact us for a quote.


Each selected image includes Professional retouching:

  • High resolution file,
  • Color, and exposure correction,
  • Remove Blemishes,
  • Remove Straigh hairs,
  • Skin tone.

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