[bgsection pex_attr_title=”14 times more profile views…” pex_attr_subtitle=”Professional Virtual Headshots for Individuals” pex_attr_undefined=”undefined” pex_attr_style=”section-light2″ pex_attr_bgcolor=”EDF5F7″ pex_attr_image=”” pex_attr_imageopacity=”0.5″ pex_attr_bgimagestyle=”static” pex_attr_titlecolor=”252525″ pex_attr_textcolor=”777777″ pex_attr_height=”” pex_attr_cssclass=””]There are over 575 million users on Linkedin… and only 14 million open jobs.*

There’s too much clutter in society nowadays, and one of the best things that you as a business professional can do, is to declutter the space around you and differentiate yourself from the immense crowd that is holding you down, in order to stand out to all of your prospects.

But how can you differentiate yourself from 575 million people? Well, I’m glad you asked because there are many ways to differentiate yourself by using everything that you already possess.

I’ll give you one top key thing you can do right now to get, on average, 14 times more profile views than the competition. This one, key thing, is to get a professional headshot. But, we know that a professional headshot can run you anywhere from hundreds to even thousands of dollars in some cases; and with quarantine right now, leaving your house is a risk not worth taking.

A virtual photoshoot session with a professional, seasoned photographer from the comfort of your own home, at a massive discount relative to the usual headshot; multiple options, unlimited wardrobe changes, professionally retouched, +. Gives you a professional boost and a leg up on the competition. Makes you stand out from the crowd. Click below to reserve your session, and as my gift to you, we’re giving away our checklist on how to prepare to optimize your profile even more, for free, so reserve your session now and get your free copy.






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  • We will help you find the right spot in your place,
  • We are going to direct you remotely to get the best pose and facial expressions to look approachable, and confident.
  • You need your headshot the same day
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee service, if you don’t like it, we reimburse you, no questions asked.
  • We are the Professional Headshots Photographer you need, and
  • We’re very good at what we do!




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1. Reserve your date and time in the form below,

2. We will send you some information on how to prepare for your session,

3. Enjoy your experience,

4. Right after the session, we pick your favorites putting you in control of what you are going to spend,

5. The retouched images will be ready the same day. We’ll share a link to a private gallery where you can download the digital copies of your photos.





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